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Carry it Everywhere. Cold Anywhere! 

Gelida coolers series was developed with a vision: The benefits of a real battery
operated cooler on the go!

We created a powerful cooler that lets you

carry and keep cold your favorite beverages, 

wine and spirits bottles anywhere!


Powerful Yet Portable 

Get to Know Gelida Coolers

Thermoelectric Refrigeration

Unlike ordinary household refrigerators, Gelida mini coolers do not use compressor refrigeration, but use electronic (semiconductor) refrigeration principle. Energy-efficient, ultra-quiet environmentally friendly. The cooling temperature is lower than the ambient temperature of 28 °C.


Compact Portable Design

The medium cooler capacity, which is enough for daily use. The lightweight design and easy-to-carry handle make it easy to carry. You can enjoy fresh food and drinks at any time without worrying about storage space. Easy portability, great for short or long haul road trips, camping or even in the house.


Practical Carrying Bag

The practical backpack adds style and portability. Mainly helps you carry the mini-fridge, also insulated for keeping the unit and drinks cold for a longer time and various pockets for your accessory. The Backapack or tote opens up all the way, making it easy to grab and find items.

charger (1).png

Extra Power Support

The powerful Gelidå cooler does not require electricity, just take it anywhere. 12 volts and the support of a 7.5V battery, Lithium Battery ensure more than 6 hours working while no vehicle power or household power. Two voltages, can be used not only in cars and boats, but also at home.

Gelidå Classic

Battery Operated / No Ice required


Gelidå Fridgus

Battery Operated / No Ice required


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