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Gelidå Fridgus : The Ultimate Cooler Tote for Everyday

Change the way you carry beverages. Rapid Cooling | Battery Powered | Portable | 6 Elegant Looks

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 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Presenting a better way to enjoy your urban adventures and outdoor trips  

This modern and extremely useful Mini Fridge line with the capability of holding your favorite beverages and liquors. Making use of thermo-electric Peltier technology, and eco-friendly features this mini fridge has a capability of cooling the substances within a realistic amount of time, giving it suitability for virtually all occasions. 


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A portable mini-fridge is a car camping and road tripping (and really an everyday) essential. This cooler does best what any outdoor enthusiast is looking  for.  It features portability, elegance and the best part, it keeps cold drinks cold. If you’re searching for a compact fridge, then Gelidå's Fridgus should be worth considering.       


For wine lovers keeping their wine at just the right temperature can make all the difference when it comes to preserving the aroma and tastes of the beverage they best love. That's why wine coolers (sometimes called wine chillers or wine refrigerators) have become such a popular accessory and gift item.


While most can't afford to dig an actual wine cellar below their home, the Gelidå Classic mini fridge is an affordable way to store wine safely, in the ideal temperature range recommended by experts. 


The Cooler’s Totes - The leak and water-resistant backpacks  have a large insulated main compartment and a smaller front zippered pocket for extra gear. A combination of design and tech features make the Gelidå Cooler Bag Backpack one of the most durable options on market. Better Yet, the only cooler in a bag on the market.  


Intelligent Refrigeration System with Intelligent chip, when the temperature in the box reaches the set temperature, the machine enters the energy-saving mode, effectively protecting the motherboard and extending the service life of the product. 

The top-notch solid-state thermoelectric cooling unit maintains drinks extremely cold.  The mini fridge functions without any noisy motors, liquid refrigerants or messy condensation.


Gelidå Redefines Portability 

We created a powerful cooler that lets you carry and keep cold your favorite beverages, wine and spirits bottles anywhere! Our Bags and totes open up all the way, making it easy to grab and find items. Cold Everywhere!


Compact Portable Design

Medium capacity, which is enough for daily use. The lightweight design and easy-to-carry handle make it easy to carry. You can enjoy fresh food and drinks at any time without worrying about storage space. Easy portability, great for short or long haul road trips, camping or even in the house.​

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