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The Mini Fridge


This modern and extremely useful Mini Fridge with the capability of holding 2 bottles of your favorite liquors. Making use of thermo-electric Peltier technology, and eco-friendly features this mini fridge has a capability of cooling the substances within a realistic amount of time, giving it suitability for virtually all occasions. Additionally, this portable appliance incorporates car power and standard home cables for definitive portability. It also features a removable Shelf for easy storage of smoothies, milk, yogurt, juice, bottles, fruit, cheese, coffee, and some more beverages.


It is suitable for offices, outdoors, games, hotels, carpools, boats, sporting events, picnics, backyard, and more! It is fittingly plugged into 12V Car chargers or home sockets. It is 100% Freon-free with Innovative safety technology for durability.


The top-notch solid-state thermoelectric cooling unit maintains drinks extremely cold. It also features a Self-locking latch and removable shelf. The mini fridge functions without any noisy motors, liquid refrigerants or messy condensation. Made with an easy removable shelf and inbuilt carrying handle. If you’re searching for a compact fridge, then Gelidai mini fridge should be worth considering. Its features in various different colors.


Featuring a thermoelectric unit, this mini fridge is conveniently portable. However, you can either utilize it as a wine carrier or beverage cooler depending on your requirements.


Vintage Suede Leather Backpacks


If you’re not that into hiking and outdoor adventures, then a Leather cooler
backpack might just be the best option for you. Maybe you’re heading over to your friends house, or you want to take some cold wine down to the park in the cooler. The Gelida Leather cooler backpacks are a great option for people who value elegance over everything else, and who want to use the cooler in a more urban setting.


Caramel Brown Suede Backpack


This backpack Blends Timeless Artisan Accents like suede leather detailing
and muted, neutral colors, the coolers won't be ones that you'll quickly hide
away. Luxury 2 Bottle Carrier Design For Lunch/Travel - Great Idea Gift For
Women/Man. A must-have for ardent wine enthusiasts, the bag features
sophisticated craftsmanship, inspired by artisans designs and made to
perfection. In addition to providing added protection to the hard cooler, the insulation will ensure that your wine is chilled and ready to drink. The backpack includes a leather shoulder strap and zippered pocket for storage of phone, keys or accessories.

Caramel Brown Suede Backpack

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